online-teaching ChemVerbotsV - legal basis

The German Chemicals Prohibition Order - ChemVerbotsV - of 20th January, 2017 is an order under the German Chemicals Act (Chemikaliengesetz - ChemG). It was last updated on 14th September, 2018. This course of instruction takes account of the afore-mentioned version of the order.

Preconditions in accordance with § 5 (2) ChemVerbotsV of the ChemVerbotsV.

1. This online course of instruction is intended solely for persons who hand over dangerous chemicals to resellers, occupational          users, public research and investigation institutions and teaching institutions.

2. To hand over chemicals to private persons you need a certificate of competence in accordance with § 11 (1) of the                            ChemVerbotsV. You will not acquire such a certificate of competence with this online course of instruction.

Please click on “NEXT” if you belong to the group of persons named under paragraph 1. above.

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